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The Closure of the Bugis Junction Food Court

Located at 200 Victoria Street, the air-conditioned food court at BHG Bugis Junction has closed for the next five days, following the discovery of a Covid-19 outbreak. The department store's Facebook page reported that one of its staff members had tested positive for the virus the day before the closure. This is a very sad development for the neighborhood, as it was a popular spot for many residents and workers. While the chain of infection seems to be broken now, the issue could resurface again if a new case of Covid-19 is discovered.

The restaurant's unique design allowed for excellent views of the air-conditioned shopping streets below. In addition, it was the only air-conditioned food court in the entire shopping complex. The newer incarnations of the Bugis food court, known as Bugis+, are located further away, in the Bras Basah Complex, Raffles City, and the Raffles Hospital. The number of seats available at each of these outlets has been greatly reduced.

As of today, there are still many well-known establishments that have closed their doors in 2018. For example, the Bugis Junction Food Court is no exception. Despite its popularity, the restaurant hasn't ceased operating. It's a well-known eatery that has been around for more than 26 years. Nevertheless, many of these outlets are no longer in business. There are a few new ones in the area. Hopefully, it will continue to attract local and international customers.

While many of the stalls at Bugis Junction are still open, they aren't as popular as in the past. Located near the Bugis MRT station, they are primarily hawker stalls and are not worth spending a lot of money on. However, if you're looking for a quick bite, you should try Senjyu @ the Bugis Junction instead. It will be at the same location, but will not reopen. Another location that won't be reopened is BHG's.

TCC is another popular cafe at Bugis Junction. Its air-conditioned environment allows it to serve a variety of food options, including hearty main dishes and sweets. There are also vegetarian options, as well as many hawker stalls at the intersection. At the InterContinental Hotel, guests can choose from a range of upscale dining venues, including a lobby lounge that overlooks the shopping centre.

For those who are unable to make it to the food court, there are other nearby restaurants that will serve their favourites. For instance, Crystal Jade La Mian is located in Bugis MRT station. The restaurant offers traditional handmade La Mian and Jiangnan Style cuisine, including fried snacks. The TCC restaurant is a popular place for bubble tea, and is located next to a fresh juice bar. Its Japanese counterpart, Tai Parfait, is a popular dessert spot that has become a staple at the mall.